We are delighted to present the research of Phillip Ward



We are delighted to present the research of Phillip Ward. Phillip is a PhD student at the MBI in Clayton, who is investigating accelerate algorithms in medical imaging processing and reconstruction using GPUs, especially for tractography algorithms in diffusion MRI imaging. He is working with Monash MASSIVE Computer Cluster.

1. Briefly tell us about your research project.

I am investigating vein-based biomarkers using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), with a goal of improving image reconstruction, vein segmentation and vein analysis. Using magnetic resonance, it is possible to exploit the magnetic properties of iron-rich blood to image veins without injecting a contrast agent into the body. My project is focused on separating the veins from other iron-rich matter in the brain and analysing their shape and distribution throughout the brain. The goal is to provide a set of vein biomarkers for assessing venous health and investigating relationships between venous features and dementia.

2. Who are your supervisors?

Assoc. Prof. David L. Dowe, Dr. Parnesh Raniga, Dr. David G. Barnes and Prof. Gary F. Egan.

3. What imaging equipment are you using?

The Siemens Skyra 3-Tesla MRI at Monash Biomedical Imaging (MBI).

4. How did you find accessing and using the equipment?

Excellent. From the beginning of my PhD at MBI I was able to go into the MRI room, discuss my ideas and get feedback from the radiologist and radiographer. The staff at all levels have been very helpful and accommodating, both with providing expert assistance and explaining technical aspects.

5. Did you work across sites? If so, how did you find accessing the equipment across sites?

I have assisted collaborators at the Melbourne Brain Imaging Centre and found a similarly welcoming environment at the 7-Tesla MRI.

6. Thank you very much for your time, Phillip.

It was a pleasure.


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