Research Access

Access VBIC Facilities

Access to equipment is granted on a fee-for-service, collaboration-for-service or a combination of the two. The flowchart below illustrates the general process (specific requirements vary by Node) to gain access to VBIC facilities and services. Funding for access could come from any source. However, there are some specific industry-university access schemes to support industry use of VBIC facilities and expertise.

1. Research Idea

Researcher contact Node that operates the required imaging service and equipment required.     

2. Consult VBIC

Consult VBIC Website to learn more 

3. Contact relevant Node 

Submit written project application

Provide relevant Ethics Committee approval

4. Agreement with Node Institute

Sign Project Agreement with the Node Institutes

5. Complete all required training

Complete required OH&S training provided by the Node

6. Start Booking

Make booking to start research experiment

Take a look at the Facilities and Equipment available at the VBIC Nodes to find relevant imaging facility and further information on imaging techniques, locations and contact details.

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