VBIC has five distinct nodes across Melbourne, Victoria. 

A representative from each node attends the VBIC Node Directors Meeting.  The goals of the Node Directors Meetings is to:

  • Enhance excellence in biomedical research by provision of cutting-edge imaging capabilities
  • Pursue additional investment in Victorian biomedical imaging research and infrastructure
  • Develop human capital to support the applications of biomedical imaging modalities
  • Increase the development of diagnostics and treatments for adoption in clinical practice


The VBIC network enables participants to work with the Victorian State Government as the leading industry group for biomedical imaging research and development in Victoria. The Capability operates in a collaborative structure to establish the processes and forums necessary to optimise the use of imaging resources in Victoria.


VBIC was funded by a Victorian State Government Science Agenda Grant of $8.5 million in 2010 . A further $16.3 million was  matched funding by the collaborating organisations. In addition $37 million was committed to major capital investments during the period
2011-17, with competitive grant income of $235 million including 6 major grants of $108 million awarded to VBIC nodes.

The VSA grant led to the creation of a coordinated Victorian network of capabilities and research capacity in medical imaging to
support Victorian universities and medical research institutes and industry partners. 


Although not part of the collaborative or funding agreements, the following organisations play a significant role at one or more of the VBIC nodes:

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