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Dr Tailby is a clinical neuropsychologist focused on how cognition comes to be disrupted in conditions such as epilepsy.

Chris, briefly tell us about your research.

I am a clinical neuropsychologist with a background in electrophysiology. My research is focussed principally on how cognitive functions are organised and supported in the brain, and how cognition comes to be disrupted in conditions such as epilepsy. We use neuropsychological testing of cognitive and emotional functioning in conjunction with MRI measure of brain structure and function to address these questions.
Who are your research colleagues?
The colleagues with whom I work most closely here at the Florey are Dr Genevieve Rayner, a post doc in the Cognition lab, and Mariana Antoniou, a research assistant in the Cognition lab. Both are fellow neuropsycholgists. We all work as part of the larger Epilepsy group under Prof Graeme Jackson. This broader group includes a number of post docs, research assistants, and PhD students, all tackling questions of brain structure and function using advanced MR techniques.

What imaging equipment are you using?
We primarily use the Siemens Skyra scanner, and also the Siemens Trio. In collaboration with Steve Fleming and David Vaughan we also recently developed an MR compatible olfactometer, for the controlled delivery of odours during scanning.

How did you find accessing and using the equipment?
We have recently started using a multiband sequence, enabling us to collect functional images at subsecond temporal resolution with 2mm isotropic whole brain coverage. The initial results collected using this sequence are very impressive, and should prove to be an important step forward for the group.
Did you work across sites? If so, how did you find accessing the equipment across sites?
No, I have not worked across the other sites. 

Thank you very much for your time, Chris.
Many thanks for your interest.

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