Congratulations to the recipients of the University of Melbourne 7T MRI Pilot Projects for 2014.



Congratulations to the recipients of the University of Melbourne 7T MRI Pilot Projects for 2014.

Chief Investigator: Peter Brotchie

Institution: UoM (Honorary, Radiology & Honorary, Clinical School – St Vincent’s Hospital)         

Co-Investigators: Hamed Akhlaghi (UoM), Graeme Jackson (Florey)

Project: Cortical interactions between two parietal lobe regions that both encode body orientation within the environment

Chief Investigator: Dr Bryan Paton

Institution: Monash Biomedical Imaging   

Co-Investigators: Prof. Gary Egan School & MBI; A/Prof Naotsugu Tsuchiya School; Dr Parnesh Raniga MBI; A/Prof Jakob Hohwy Faculty of Arts, SOPHIS; A/Prof Jeroen van Boxtel School & MBI; Prof. Roger Ordidge UoM MBCIU; Dr Amanda Ng UoM MBCIU

Project: The dynamics of deep and superficial cortical layers of visual cortex as measured by high resolution and ultra‐high field MRI

Chief Investigator: Dr Parnesh Raniga      

Institution: Monash Biomedical Imaging           

Co-Investigators: Phil Ward (MBI), Gary Egan (MBI), Amanda Ng (MBCIU)    

Project: QSM based venography

Chief Investigator: Dr Bruce Campbell      

Institution: Dept Neurology, UoM  

Co-Investigators: Dr Nawaf Yassi, Dr Teddy Wu, Prof Patricia Desmond, Prof Stephen Davis (all UoM)      

Project: Advancing pathophysiologic understanding of lacunar stroke using MR imaging at 7T

Chief Investigator: Graeme Jackson           

Institution: Florey Austin    

Co-Investigator: Mira Semmelroch

Project: Subtle bottom of sulcus dysplasias (BOSD)

Chief Investigator: Dr Paul Klauser           

Institution: Monash Biomedical Imaging & UoM  

Co-Investigators: Dr Benny Liberg  Dept of Psychiatry at UoM; Dr Valentina Lorenzetti  MBI & Dept of Psychiatry at UoM; Dr Suo Chao MBI; Dr Parnesh Raniga MBI       

Project: Validation of probabilistic maps of midbrain dopaminergic system obtained from 3T parallel transmit imaging

Chief Investigator: Prof Trevor Kilpatrick

Institution: Dept Anatomy & Neuroscience, University of Melbourne   

Co-Investigators: Scott Kolbe UoM, Tomas Kalincik UoM, Roger Ordidge UoM,  Alan Connelly Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health

Project: Comparative assessment of quantitative measures of disease progression in MS


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