The 7T MRI scanner has been delivered and the magnet is in the process of being amped up



The 7T MRI scanner has been delivered and the magnet is in the process of being amped up.

As discussed at the Town Hall meeting held in December 2013, an introductory scanning package will be offered to all local research users including members of VBIC. This package is designed to assist researchers to obtain preliminary image data to use in applying for 7 T MRI-related research grants in 2014/2015, for funding commencing in late 2015/2016.

7T scanning will be offered at a greatly reduced rate of $250 per scan, to a maximum of $5000, to be split pro-rata between the Brain Research Institute, Austin Hospital and the University, for 20 hours of scanning (e.g. 5 hours each: normal and disease at 3T; normal and disease at 7 T). This rate corresponds to an amount that most academics could afford from general funds and will be an interim arrangement for preliminary data collection only. A similar arrangement could be established with other participating sites for 3T.

The arrangement only covers the cost of scanning. Recruitment of subjects, travel, data processing, analysis and interpretation are the responsibility of the researcher, although MR processing assistance will be provided.

A template research proposal document is attached. Once complete, please return it to Professor Roger Ordidge and copy to Trish Westonby 30th July 2014. Please call Professor Ordidge if you would like to discuss your proposal first (8344 1953).

All proposals will be reviewed by the Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Facility Steering Committee, including members of the Brain Research Institute at the Austin Hospital site. The proposal must be used implicitly to provide data for a grant proposal in the near future and have a substantial component of 7T scanning. Prior to commencing your project, you will need to have human ethics clearance and all staff who will be in the proximity of the MRI will need to undergo a safety induction.

A brief final report must be supplied together with future research plans.


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