PET-CT Applications Workshop @ University of Melbourne



Hosted by the Melbourne Brain Imaging Unit, and its partners the Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, University of Melbourne and the Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health, the PET/CT applications workshop provided an insight to the utility of the PET/CT facility at the Kenneth Myer building, Melbourne Brain Centre, Parkville and PET/CT scanning in general.

The event showcased the wealth of expertise and support available to researchers in Victoria, including demonstrating the unique position Victoria is in as compared to the rest of Australia and perhaps the world – with a world class cyclotron, synchrotron and diverse imaging capabilities beyond PET/CT.

Speakers highlighted opportunities for PET/CT to:

  • compliment other imaging techniques;
  • further basic research, translational research and highlight the use of PET/CT in evaluating clinical management options;
  • facilitate methods that can enhance collaboration between pharmaceutical manufacturers and researchers in Melbourne;
  • optimise the use of early chemical markers of PET/CT to identify effective and ineffective therapeutic strategies at an early stage, therefore reducing the cost of pharma research;
  • maximise outcome and minimise costs of research by optimising the batch use of specialised research and radio-pharmaceuticals by sharing batches, and improving the recruitment of subjects;
  • explore potential partnerships within the Parkville precinct and with allied institutions in Melbourne; and
  • build links with pharmaceutical, chemical, biological and physical chemistry researchers and novel researchers.

Presentations were made by:

  • Dr Graeme O’Keefe (Principal Physicist, Centre for PET, Austin Hospital) on principles of PET/CT
  • Professor Colin Masters (Executive Director, Mental Health Research Institute) on PET/CT to facilitate drug trials.
  • Professor Chris Rowe (Director, Nuclear Medicine and Centre for PET, Austin Hospital) on PET/CT in neurology research
  • David Krenus (Director, Cyclotek) on production of radiopharmaceuticals for research
  • Professor Rodney Hicks (Director of Cancer Imaging, Peter Mac) on PET/CT in oncology research
  • Professor Victor Kaliff (Director of Nuclear Medicine, Alfred Health) on PET/CT for cardiology research
  • Saam Saeed (PhD Student) on CT in cadaver research and the value CT is adding to mapping lymph and blood vessels.
  • Rob Williams (Chief Research Technologist at the Melbourne Brain Imaging Unit, University of Melbourne) on how to engage with the Melbourne Brain Centre and its people and equipment.


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