VBIC in the News

Latest news stories including VBIC equipment or covering VBIC activities

Date Article Name Publication
30/10/2015 Alzheimer’s Trial A Current Affair
22/06/2015 Using state-of-the-art-technology for the diagnosis of epilepsy Swinburne University of Technology
11/05/2015 Anorexia study reveals abnormal eye movements Swinburne University of Technology
12/04/2015 Brain scan reveals how people justify killing The Sydney Morning Herald
17/02/2015 Discovery of brain pathway could lead to ways to prevent blindness The Sydney Morning Herald
26/01/2015 Vietnam Vets’ Nightmares May Unlock Link to Dementia Risk Bloomberg Business
14/09/2014 Researchers investigate link between post-traumatic stress disorder and Alzheimer’s disease The Age
07/08/2014 Swinburne study uncovers why people suffer body dysmorphic disorder Swinburne University of Technology
15/07/2014 The Florey’s seven simple steps to minimise Alzheimer’s risk Channel 9 News
14/07/2014 The Florey and the Appetite Molecule The Project
17/05/2014 Retired footballers to get free brain scans The Age
29/04/2014 Melbourne Brain Centre Imaging Unit Melbourne Neuroscience Institute, 2013 Annual Report
24/03/2014 Time is Brain in Stroke ABC News 24
22/01/2014 Ugly is in the brain of the beholder Monash University News
18/12/2013 $74 Million to improve brain research and beat disease Monash University News
29/11/2013 Lights, insights, action Monash University News
22/10/2013 Prof Alan Connelly in profile (page 10) ANZMAGazine
30/05/2013 Conscious Decisions Swinburne University Venture Magazine
30/05/2013 VBIC Annual Report 2012 Victorian Biomedical Imaging Capability
15/05/2013 A story of a strong young woman The Florey News
10/04/2013 Mapping your mind Australian Financial Review
01/04/2013 MBI Collaborations Monash Biomedical Imaging, 2012 Annual Report
22/10/2012 Alzheimer’s linked to brain protein ABC News
22/10/2012 Alzheimer’s linked to brain protein ABC News
02/10/2012 New Scanner speeds up brain research Campus Review National
18/09/2012 Cutting-edge imaging technology to advance brain research The Melbourne Newsroom
18/09/2012 High-tech brain scanner unveiled 7 News Melbourne
18/09/2012 High-tech brain scanner unveiled 7 News Melbourne
05/09/2012 Melbourne Brain Centre Opening 10 News Melbourne
30/05/2012 The benefits of Asprin (ASPREE study launch) 7 News Melbourne
30/05/2012 MBI Opens State Premier’s office
27/03/2012 VBIC Annual Report 2011 Victorian Biomedical Imaging Capability
02/2012 Monash University’s Preclinical Molecular Imaging Scanner Installed Monash Biomedical Imaging
08/12/2011 Official launch of the Advanced Technologies Centre Swinburne University of Technology
28/10/2011 Swinburne’s Neuroimaging facility opens Swinburne University of Technology
17/10/2011 A New Age in Brain Research Starts Today The University of Melbourne
24/06/2011 Melbourne Brain Centre opens Ten News
14/06/2011 Melbourne Brain Centre to open in Heidelberg Heidelberg Leader
30/05/2011 New hope for stroke victims 7.30 Report, ABC
24/05/2011 Breakthrough brain surgery holds out hope The Age