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Monday01 March 2021

The equipment available through VBIC and its partners includes:

  • Human, large and small animal MRI systems
  • Human and small animal PET-CT scanners
  • MEG
  • Large animal DEXA
  • Animal confocal endomicroscopy
  • Nuclear scintigraphy

An overview of the general access process can be found here.

Different VBIC nodes have different equipment:

The Florey Institute


Monash University

Monash Biomedical – Clayton

Alfred Research Alliance – Monash Biomedical Imaging (ARA-MBI) - Prahran

Monash Institute for Pharmaceutical Sciences (MIPS) - Parkville

Olivia Newton-John Cancer Research Institute


  • PET-MRI (Small Animal)
  • NanoSPECT-CTTM (Small Animal)
  • IVIS® Spectrum (Small Animal)

Swinburne University


  • MEG (Human)
  • 3T Prisma MRI (Human)
  • EEG (Human)

University of Melbourne


  • 7T MRI (Human)
  • PET-CT (Human)


  • 3T MRI (Large / Exotic Animal)
  • CT- 16 Slice (Large / Exotic Animal)
  • Fluoroscopy C-Arm (Large / Exotic Animal)
  • Ultrasound (Small / Large / Exotic Animal)
  • X-Ray (Small / Large / Exotic Animal)
  • Nuclear Medicine - Gamma Camera (Large / Exotic Animal)
  • DEXA (Mobile) (Large Animal)
  • Confocal Flexible Endomicroscope
  • Confocal Rigid Endomicroscope


For further information on equipment and contact details for each Node, view Node flyers or the contact page.